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GTA Gum Removal removes unsightly chewing gum stains from commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

When left on the ground, chewing gum gets stepped on, it collects dirt, turns black, and bonds to the walkway.
We can help you provide great first impressions for your customers.

We offer both eco-friendly steam cleaning and hot-water pressure-washing. Using one or both services, we can offer a custom cleaning plan to meet your properties cleanliness objectives under budget.

Why choose GTA Gum Removal?

  • Our exclusive mobile steam carts
    Mobile Steam Cart
    are quiet and unobtrusive.
  • Each piece of gum is thoroughly disintegrated and removed with a vacuum. Some methods break the gum apart and it often re-adheres.
  • GREEN: we use a clean, water based steam process and non-toxic detergents to aid in cleaning.
  • Gentle on all surfaces.
  • Our equipment is also great for other great services for example: grout cleaning, reatuarant kitchen cleaning, graffiti removal and vinyl graphics removal.
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