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Residential Customers

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Residential Services

Clean Up Dust, Dirt and Spills

With Interior Pressure Washing

Clean up those hard to reach places and large dusty spaces this spring!

Spring Graffiti Removal Available

Using The Right Equipment And Techniques!

Even in cooler weather we can successfully remove most graffiti tags.

Clear Your Salt!

Book Your Removal Now

Salt causes property damage. Book your spring cleanup today!

Organic Matter Stains

Fully Restore Your Hard Surfaces

We've got the right products to easily remove any discolouration due to organic matter!

Dirty To Clean

Gum And Grime - Gone!

Call us today to set up seasonal maintenance of your property for 2016!

High Quality Property Maintenance

With A Focus On Chewing Gum Litter

Seasonal maintenance plans available for 2016.

Pressure Washing Company Focusing on Commercial & Industrial Units

Interior & Exterior Property Maintenance Experts

GTA Gum Removal is dedicated to keeping your property spotless. We have been providing the business owners and property managers of the GTA solutions to their property problems. Our talented team of pressure washers are experts at removing gum, dirt, grime, dust, salt, sand, grease, stains, oil, and much more. Our pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment gives us the ability to clean your property efficiently and effectively. Give us a call (647) 494-3659 to learn more about our services. We welcome you to share details of your own problem in our Request a Free Quote form. Together we will create a cleaning solution that works best for you.

GTA Gum Removal is known for the following:

• Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing

• Gum Removal Specialists

• Commercial & Industrial Building Units

• Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products & Practices

• Exterior Building Restoration

• Salt Removal

• Graffiti Removal

• Residential Driveways, Garages, & Patios

• Underground Parking Garages

Our comprehensive services at GTA Gum Removal include everything from graffiti removal to building restoration. Given our effective and safe methods, you can trust our team to clean your property of damage. We're highly skilled to perform any of our outstanding services wherever you need us to. There isn't a problem we can't help resolve for you.

Make Your Property Beautiful Again

As small as gum is relative to the size of your property, its appearance can put off your guests or customers. When someone sees a piece of dirt on your property, it may indicate a sign of disrespect. To ensure your property gives the right message, GTA Gum Removal is here for you. Whether you need gum lifted or graffiti removed, our expert removers and cleaners can help.

Respect For Your Property

Visual appearances are important to establishing respect. We have seen it time and time again, those who work to maintain a clean and appealing property, are rewarded with the respect and admiration of those who use it. Keep this in mind, no one will be the first to disrespect a clean property, no one will think twice about trying to keep a dirty property clean.

GTA Gum Removal offers various services including:

Let Us Keep It Clean

Here at GTA Gum Removal, we value your property. As experienced gum and graffiti removers, we understand how important cleanliness is to you. Whether you're looking to have gum removed from your personal property or workplace, you can depend on our cleaners to have it disinfected and removed for good. The next time you see a piece of gum stuck on your property, contact us at (416) 938-5783.

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